Empathy Map

Empathy Map Canvas is a graphic that helps us to understand which audience is targeted and, therefore, to get to know our future clients better. This process is important when starting with any business idea. 

In this model, we can appreciate different themes. These different topics are sensations, actions or goals and thinking. Going more specific we can also appreciate that all the interviewees answer that the big problem is the shortage of parking space, the price, and all its consequences. 

We have seen that some people try to go by car and manage how to do it at first instance, but the environmental and organizational city laws make them rethink how to travel.  

Most of them end up going by public transport. But due to public transport inefficiency, these people are frustrated and feel that they are losing time. This is the key fact when we see in an emphatic way how our idea could solve that problem. 

Empathy map

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